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Allegory Of The Cave

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The Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory means a lot to people who are very mystical and like to think of different things about life. The allegory is a story about these prisoners whom since they've been children have been locked away deep inside a cave with chains all over their bodies including their heads making them be immobilized and their heads facing one certain wall. To the backs of these prisoners there is a fire and between the prisoners and the fire stands a way in which men carry various things such as plants and animals. Hence making the prisoners see weird shapes that fascinate them. When these men spoke their voices cast an echo and this echo to the prisoners, seems to be coming from the shadows. This is what there lives revolve around, a mystical game of being amazed of the unknown. Which shows that even in the 21st century man is still amazed by what they don't understand and know.

An allegory is defined as an extended metaphor using people. And I do believe this is correct for this story. The story shows that even if one of these prisoners is able to escape it is all very much worthless. Once escaped, they will realize that he will have to adapt to the light little by little. This would hurt but eventually the escaped would be better off. At least they think so. Once they realize they are lonely they will want to go back and save others. But this is where the metaphors come along. They will try and go back but for a while the darkness of the cave will make them not quite see. Once they have accustomed it they realize that they cannot save anybody because no one believes them at all. And plus why should they, to them this person is an outsider. But what does this all really represent?

Well to me it means that this is our life, in which we ourselves are being put in each day. The prisoners symbolize us when we are small. The chains are really the meaning of when



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