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It Was Amazing!"

Being that this was my first attendance for a play audition and I it must say, it was amazing! I left the theater with a new appreciation for the actors, directors, and all of the workers involved. When I arrived, everyone was standing nervously around each other rehearsing their song. I had no idea that these individuals that I had seen around campus had all of this hidden talent. Devon Hampton, a personal friend of mine, completely blew me away. I can't really describe what I felt when she was auditioning, but I got goose bumps. The things that set her apart from everyone, was her stage presence, her ability to act and sing, and the overall control she takes when the light is on her. All of the girls were amazing, but it was the guys who surprised me the most. I have never seen a Broadway production, but I felt like I got a short taste when Bobby Bloom started his audition. His voice, and presence, convinced me that I was already sitting in New York waiting on a fabulous show to start. I am a Disc Jockey with a professional karaoke system, and I have people come up to me and say they sing. And I wish sometimes that I Randy, Paula, and Simon to tell them that they were awful. However, I also work with my church choir and I know talent when I see it. I have to say that every single one of these individuals have potential, some more than others, but they all have something to offer our schools production. I am definitely glad that I had this experience and will definitely sit in on another audition, give the opportunity.



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