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Rawle Williams

How does one get it? At some point in your life time you will experience it. This thing; the inevitable negative; what is it? It’s a term that has been used to describe a variety of emotions and reactions that is accompanied by, exhaust full and challenging situations. This term is known as stress.

What is stress? One might say “it is the uncomfortable gap between how we would

like our lives to be, and how it actually is” From the Whitehouse to the dog house. Celebrities and wannabe celebrities, to the guy on the street corner, no one wants to be accepted for whom they really are; but rather for whom they would like to be perceived as and that’s a problem in itself. Six credits cards an 10 million in debt, and you cannot afford 99 cent crackers for most perception far out weigh reality.

We are born into stress; it comes from what I believe to be an innate desire to please others, and the need to be accepted; it also comes from a need for approval, and all of [it] started with our parents.

Our culture is also at fault we were born into a condition and that condition will later develop into stress plainly because of society’s expectations and the human desire to be perceived in a particular light. It is the direct effect of people, culture, things.

Stress can be caused by the continually changing environment Stress is a combination of responses in the body. It has physical and emotional affects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. Stress can be short-term or chronic. Acute stress is the "fight or flight" response. If a car is careening toward you at a high rate of speed, you will (or should!) experience acute stress. It is when you experience so many common stressors,



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