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Student Chronicles: Tales Of A High School Student

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Essay Preview: Student Chronicles: Tales Of A High School Student

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Student Chronicles: Tales of a High School Student

Jan. 8, 2007 A.D.

It's a pretty good day, all things considered. School has just started back, I got my schedule, and I have the same classes as last semester, unfortunately, and where still on this ridiculous A day B day schedule. By the way my name is Marquis Harding, but everybody calls me "Slim." I'm in the 12th grade at Stratford high. My story takes place on our first day back, where in Mr. Jackson's room.

"What's up Slim how was your break" said Ciera Jordan. Ciera Jordan a.k.a. CC, is one of my best friends, and crazy as hell. "What's up CC., my break was all right I guess. I worked a lot; and I went over my cousin's for new years. But you would know that if you called a Nigga." said Slim. "Nall, see what had happened was, I had to go out of town so I couldn't call you." said CC. "And they don't have phones where you went." interrupted Slim. "Nigga if they wouldn't give me a soda, do you really think that they going to let me use the phone." said CC. "How am I supposed to know I wasn't their and..." said Slim. "Hold up they wouldn't give you a soda." interrupted Angelique. Angelique is also a good friend of mine even though she is a bit special she's cool. "Nall they wouldn't give me a soda, tellin me I'm gone have to drink water when there's a cooler full of drinks just setting there." said CC. "I woulda took one and drunk it right their in front of they faces and said thank you." said Angelique "you is a fool." said Slim. "All right yall, the right side of the room needs to get up, get a book and bring it to me so that I can record your book number and name," said Mr. Jackson, Mr. Jackson is one of the coolest teachers you could ever meet, he can act a complete fool. "Mr. Jackson how was your break?" said Angelique. "You want to know about my break?" replies Mr. Jackson, dramatically. "Yes fool," says Angelique. "Nall, you a fool, but I had a good break; I drank, watched TV and played with my little girl. "Aw, is dat all" said Angelique. "Yeah that's all," replies Mr. Jackson. Class continues and the bell rings. "Come on Slim." said Angelique. "Hold on damn it, don't rush me," replies Slim. "Hey Jayrond, you got any phones yet." said Slim. "Nall, but when I do I'll hit you



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