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Stress Happens

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Stress Happens

Attention Getter: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” this quote by Charles Windoll could change people’s lives by changing their whole perspective on how they should handle themselves when life is putting them into worst situations. And when we are in this kind of situation, we mostly experience the feeling of being stressed.

Speech Goal: I will inform you about what severe stress can lead them to and ways to help reduce stress with different methods

Thesis Statement: In the next few minutes , I will be talking to you about the three main points.

A. First, I will talk about the two main causes of stress.

B. Second, I will talk about how chronic stress can lead to depression and can cause death.

C. Finally, I will talk about stress management.


I. Work and money are the two main causes of stress.

A. Based on APA’s conducted survey, 61 percent of Americans are stressed at work.

1. Work overload with unrealistic deadlines makes people feel rushed, under pressure and overwhelmed. Sometimes, there is just too much going on and work overload also leads to

overthinking which could end up not getting the work done and not being able to meet the said deadline

2. Poor work relationships can also cause stress by lack of interpersonal support leading to a sense of isolation, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine. When you feel isolated at your workplace, the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness come into play and you become more sensitive to any forms of criticism.

B. Money is also one of the top causes of stress with 62 percent of Americans.

1. Loss of job and medical expenses are some of the factors of financial stress. Not having money can make people stressed due to their inability to afford their daily needs. It makes sense since we live in a system where money makes the world go around.

2. On the other hand, having money can also cause stress because it can make a person greedy and ruin relationships. In fact, money is also one of the leading causes of divorce and break ups in America with 22 percent, according to Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts’ survey in 2015.

Transition: Now that you have heard about the main causes of stress, let’s move on to the

II. Chronic stress can lead to depression and can also cause death.

A. According to the Anxiety and Depression



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