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Strawberry Hand Sanitizer

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Strawberry Hand Sanitizer


Earlier, whenever the people’s hands used to get dirty, people used to go in search of a good soap and water. This used to become a great inconvenience especially when travelling. Water spills and soap not getting rinsed properly and of course, water wastage, all these factors contributed to the discovery of something called as hand sanitizer.

I chose Strawberry because of a very certain place I went to on summer 2019. Baguio, when I went to Baguio and visited one of their strawberry farms, I was mesmerized. I wanted to make a use for strawberries. One of the reasons why I chose strawberries as well is because it is rich in Vitamin C. Third: there are also a lot of ways to get ahold of some strawberry like local shops and local stores. Finally, strawberries are quite cheap and not as expensive as other fruits. Also, strawberries have these certain almost, sweet like scent that would be a great smell to put in a hand sanitizer.

Statement of the Problem:

These are the problems I decided to solve and find the answers for in this SIP (Science Investigatory Project):

Nowadays, people have trouble with their hygiene. People are slowly losing interest in washing their hands because it’s too troublesome. With an addition of another hand sanitizer to the mix, it should make people more interested to take care of their hygiene. Also, how much cheaper would this product cost compared to other hand sanitizer products? How effective is this hand sanitizer compared to others? Does using Strawberry Hand Sanitizer have some sort of effect on the body? And does Strawberry Hand Sanitizer dry the hands? Those are the problems I want to solve in this SIP.


I plan to make this Strawberry



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