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Stock Market

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Throughout most of our history there has been the need and want to invest in certain products, businesses, and corporations. Our history has thrived on investment and people tend to feel secure at most times investing their share of money into a certain one of these criteria. Unfortunately there have been times in which everything didn't run according to plan. One of the greatest hurdles our country had to overcome was the stock market crash of 1929.

New York, New York has always been a trading and financial empire in the world as it still stands that way today. NYSE or the "Big Board" as it is referred to had built itself into the financial capital of the world and traded many of the big companies all around the world. Many companies and investors work through its financial companies daily trying to keep everything at an even keel while profits rose and people continue to buy shares. In the 1920's the stock market was on the rise as many people became more familiar with it along with many new corporations in an ongoing industrializing world. Stock brokers were lending money to many eager people which would in turn would invest it into different stocks. In August of 1929 the market was booming and some thought this to be a sign of catastrophe. The others that thought it was fine would soon stand corrected.

In September of 1929 the market had started decline and would for almost the entire month. Eventually by early October the market regained its value and trading and investing again continued to rise. On October 24th 1929 the market plummeted quickly and never stopped. All day long worried investors eager to save their money that was left cashed out and sold their stock leading to name the day "Black Tuesday". By the end of the longest day for many investors and companies the market closed trading 12.9 million shares, a record high of shares traded. many were devastated and the NYSE had seen its worst day ever in



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