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Essay Preview: Starstruck

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The novel "Starstruck" is written by Kathy Hopkins, and is 216 pages in length. The publisher is Harper Collins Publishing and the date of publication was not listed in the novel. Cathy Hopkins started writing novels in 1987, and she wrote a number of 16 books that year. In the year 2000 she started to write teen novels.

My novel "Starstruck" is about a girl named Lia, dealing with her hectic everyday life.

In this book Lia get's asked out by Squidge (one of her friends) and she says yes. Finally they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Cat and Becca (other friends) are very happy for their friends and everything is going great. Then everything changes because the town finds out

that the will be a host city for a movie being made about teenage life. Savannah, the teenage star of the movie adopts Squidge as her personal runner. Will he be able to keep Savannah happy without breaking his promise to Lia?

Lia is a tall slender young woman whom all the boy's are crazy for. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and has the perfect complexion. Lia is honest because " she had never told a lie in her life, say's Becca". She is also very determined because she never gives up and fights for what she believes in. " I just do think that it is fair that we should have to go to school while the movie is being shoot Mr. Jenks, it is a very exciting event probably the most exciting this city has seen for years."

Savannah is on of the minor characters of this story. She is a beautiful teenage girl who is a super star. There is not much more about Savannah except that she is snobby and thinks that she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. ".....go get me a drink Squidge, I'm thirsty, and do it now before I fire you!".

Squidge is another one of the minor characters of my novel. He is an aspiring film director who is very confident. He can be shy at times when situations become overwhelming. " now if everybody does not co-operate this movie won't be made so Squidge STOP moving the camera and get back to work!".

At the beginning of the story the setting is at Lia's house, but as the story progresses the setting changes. For the rest of the story the setting is at the main high school in Cornwall.




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