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Starbucks Coffee Chains Data Analysis

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Essay Preview: Starbucks Coffee Chains Data Analysis

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Table of Contents

Introduction:        3

1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data:        3

Data Definition:        3

Primary data:        3

Advantages of primary data:        3

Disadvantage of primary data:        3

Secondary data:        4

Advantage of secondary data:        4

Disadvantage of secondary data:        4

1.2. Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used        5

Population:        5

Sample:        5

Survey method:        5

Postal Questionnaire:        5

Advantage of postal questionnaire:        5

Disadvantage of postal questionnaire:        6

Interviews:        6

Personal face to face interview:        6

Advantage of personal interviews:        6

Disadvantage of Personal interviews:        6

Telephone interview:        7

Advantages of telephone interview:        7

Disadvantages telephone interviews:        7

Sampling methods:        7

Random sampling:        7

Quasi random sampling:        7

Systematic sampling:        7

Stratified sampling        8

Multistage sampling        8

Non random sampling:        8

Cluster sampling:        9

1.3. Data analysis and surveys design:        9

Survey method:        9

Question types:        9

Type:        9

Objective:        9

Variable:        9

Sample size:        9

Interview with Starbucks manager:        9

Questionnaire survey:        10

Data analysis:        13

General Information        13

Q1. What is your sex?        13

Raw data for question 1:        14

Q.2.What is your age range?        14

Raw data for question 2:        15

Price        16

Q.3 How much do you spend on average at Starbucks?        16

Q.4 Do you find Starbucks price reasonable?        17

Raw data for question 4:        17

Frequency and Habit        18

Q.5 how often do you visit Starbucks?        18

Raw data for question 5:        19

Q. 6 .What time(s) of day do you usually visit Starbucks?        20

Raw data for question 6:        21

Conclusion:        23

References        24


This assignment main purpose is to create survey as well as data analysis in order to give recommendation for the chosen business scenario.

In the task 1.1 of the assignment I will explain the definition, pros and cons of primary data and secondary data also how to collect the data for further analysis.

In task 1.2 I will demonstrate the survey methodology and the sample frame usage. I will also explain their pros and cons, scenario in which they can be best used in a business scenario data analysis.

In the final task 1.3, I will present a case study for Starbucks coffee chains with questionnaire, survey design questions, data analysis, calculation as well as given out critical analysis for each variables. In order to give out the best recommendation for business to improve their product and service quality.

1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data: 

Data Definition:

Data is the scientific term for figures, information, measurement and facts that are gathers for the purpose of analysis.

For example : Number of people with glasses who pass their driving test each year, the number of gold medals won by athlete in the Olympic.

Primary data:

Primary data are information that are collected through personal interview, questionnaire and survey that are used for the intention of the specific survey that is being conducted.

Advantages of primary data:

The researcher have control of the data because it is collected by him/her through many method such as personal interview, questionnaire, survey, online survey and the questions that the researchers used are mostly tailored to fit the purpose of the survey.

Primary data information are the latest information collected from the marketplace and will provide researcher with better analysis.

Disadvantage of primary data:

Primary data is expensive because of the preparation design of questionnaire, survey and the way that it need to be carry out, researcher will need to invest a large amount of money in order to collect primary data.

Primary data is time consuming because the data collection methods need preparation and it also need to be planned out and research carefully.

The feedbacks that gained from primary data may not be accurate because there is a high chance that a person may give feedbacks with the intention just to complete the answers. The question need to be easy to understand and sometimes respondent give fake socially accepted, nice answer. There is also no guarantees whether the information is reliable.



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