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Sports Marketing Nike Football

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Fabian Luna

Nike Futbol

1. Discuss the factors that have resulted in Nike Football becoming a multi-Billion division and a major force in the football market.

They’ve been able to play up the emotional aspect and provide branding endorsements to players in order to get their brand out there on a worldwide scale. Establishing themselves as a worldwide brand in athletic wear for athletes and non-athletes allowed them to capitalize on the market. They profited off of their focus of footwear, staying to their belief that the product needed to be of the highest value. They spent the money they needed to test and make sure their product was able to be used by athletes foremost.

2. Comment on the competitive landscape of the global football market and Nike's position versus its major competitors.

Nike has been able to stay above its competitors by keeping up with high quality products. Despite their main competitor, Adidas gaining traction through celebrity collaborations, Nike has been able to still keep a significant lead by using branding and marketing techniques like digital distribution through YouTube, or partnerships with popular players. They maintain a huge lead in the basketball market, but they also remain the dominant player in the overall athleisure wear market through their multiple facets of marketing/product quality.

3. Discuss Nike's shift of its target market for the 2010 World Cup and how it impacted its marketing efforts.

Through extensive research they found out that the easiest target to sell to were the sports obsessed teens, so they used them as the main selling point during the world cup and made their marketing shift towards digital platforms for this large audience. They saw this younger generation as an “inspirational” niche that could mold the future path of sports and the brand itself, they saw it as solidifying their future.

4. Comment on and give your thoughts on Nike's plans to incorporate sustainability and philanthropy into it football marketing.

I think Nike’s plan to incorporate sustainability and incorporate philanthropy is an ingenious way to keep the brand fresh and forward in this new turn of the century where the sphere of politics is slowly becoming an everyday thing for most citizens. This allows them to reach a bigger market and show that they are all for giving back to the people that have created such a global titan in the sports world.

5. Discuss the "Write the Future" campaign and the media strategy they employed to get it out there.

They targeted the younger generation of teens using the new wave of digital media and accessibility they screened the campaign on screen. They gave their target demographic the idea that their products would allow them to shape their sports destinies. They were able to instill dreams and hope into millions of kids across the world allowing them to believe there is a correlation between Nike’s products and an ability to carve out a successful sports career like their idols they watch.  

6. What did you like and not like about the 2010 Nike World Cup campaign, what would you have done differently?

I liked the idea of the campaign and being able to give hope to a younger generation. I am always one to follow your dreams and to instill the idea that you can reach the stars no matter who you are and who you come from. I think they could have capitalized a little more on social media platforms though, 2010 was the age that social media was reaching a new height and becoming prevalent amongst younger generations.



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