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Southern Belle Charm

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Erin Benson


Social Studies A-1

Southern Belle Charm

        Dear Sally,

                As I take my pen in hand, it is sad to say that day has finally come.  We will now have to part ways, my family is moving to the best colonies, the Southern COLONIES.  It seems that you and your family are moving to the Middle Colonies.  I am writing this letter to you because maybe this letter will change your mind, and make you realize that the Southern Colonies are the best colonies, and don’t forget about that southern belle charm.

        My mom and I are opening a Milliner shop called C&C Carolina’s and Carolina’s Milliner shop, the name works because I’m named after my mom Carolina Grace Cabbot.  Mother said that being a Milliner has great potential, a steady income rate for example everyone in Charleston, South Carolina will need clothes and people to fix their clothes.  My family, like your family is big, 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 4 younger siblings and a baby on the way, it’s a blessing that we live across the street from an apothecary, we don’t want to lose any more children.  Not everyone in my family wants to be a Milliner though, my eldest sister, Ruth, is an APPRENTICE for a Chandler.  I am overjoyed with this news I am of age to start working, like I mentioned before, my mother and I are opening up a shop in our home.  Since you and your family are Quakers, there is no specific view on religion, so you are free to believe in what you want.  As you can see, in the Economy category the Southern Colonies are winning by far.

        The Southern Colonies aren’t just great in Economy, but they also are the best for GOVERNMENT!  My father is part of the REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, which means he gets to make up laws, and rules for Charleston, South Carolina.  Did you know the land given to nobles do they can rent it to settlers for shillings.  Settlers can also take control from proprietors.  My father goes to TOWN MEETINGS and informs my family on all the new information and news in the colonies. As you can see the Southern Colonies are the best with government as well.



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