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Sound Of Music

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The sound of music makes me tingle.

Growing up in a musical family of choristers and symphonic band members, you basically get a very wide exposure of a range of genres and music as a whole. Being at home, it is rare and quite uncomfortable to not hear music being blasted from the speakers as my brother attempts to imitate Metallica - screaming his head off to bubblegum pop =D Having such exposure at birth, it is quite hard to avoid joining activities not related to music like for example gym classes(: I always have trouble running and catching my breath whereas when I play the flute, I can hold notes for like a million seconds before my face turns a tinge blue. Pretty ironic, I would say.

I love the sound of music.

The calming sensation that runs through your veins, tingling your senses.

It's a fantastic feeling that I'd like to share with the world.

The way each note of a jazz piece caresses you, making you sway and fall in love again and again;

How the rhythm of a rock song gets stuck in your head till you sing it to let it out ;

The soothing melody of classical pieces that makes you fall asleep even in the most uncomfortable of positions;

How music seems to make everything in the world seems right when you know you've done something horrendously wrong;

I think this is what music does to you after a while - sets you in a trance and entangles you within the staffboard.

Music is timeless and vague.

It can never run out of fashion not matter how the world changes.




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