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Sociological Perspective

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The conflict perspective is the most logical way to look at society, because it is exactly the way society is. Examining humanity through this perspective, means to look at the social conflicts between class, age, race, religion, etcÐ'... I believe this is the best way, because everywhere in the world is some kind of conflict. For example, here in the United States of America, which is supposed to be a free and equal country, there are flight over color, people working to gain equal rights in the workforce, children striving for better education. If these problems are so prevalent in the richest and most powerful country, how can one not view the world using conflict perspective? Although I agree with these views, I do not think this is a problem that can be solved by using a system forcing everyone to be equal. Nevertheless, I do consider this theory to be a good and just one. The fact of the matter is there is someone who always wants more; there is someone who will always take advantage. Unless, these ways of controlling the problems of society are done equally, then there is no hope for this system.

Not only do I feel as though the conflict perspective is the most accurate way of looking at society, but I believe that the functionalists have one important point. The functionalists's view that each individual must contribute to the societies survival. Although everyone has their own role to take on, the society must work together and help one another.

One other perspective I can agree with is the interactionist perspective, because it is necessary to look at each individual on a more personal level. In doing this, it can help the Sociologist to see how each person affects the society as a whole. The interationist perspective allows the Sociologist to take details information by listening to conversations, seeing how people react with their family, friends, workers, etcÐ'...

As a whole I believe that each



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