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Protecting Your Family From Pollen and Ozone

Follow these tips to avoid overexposure to ragweed pollen and ozone during the summer and fall, especially if you or

family members have allergies or asthma:13

* Listen to the radio, watch TV, or visit online news outlets for daily pollen reports and air quality conditions

(check EPA's website and the National Allergy Bureau's site at

This is especially important on sunny days with little or no wind, when ozone concentrations can be

particularly high.

* On days when pollen counts or ozone levels are high, minimize outdoor activities and keep windows closed

when possible.

* Bathe or shower after spending time outdoors because pollen may have collected on your skin and in your hair.

* Wash bedding frequently to remove pollen that settles on pillows and sheets, and vacuum regularly, preferably

with a vacuum cleaner that contains a high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filter.

* Minimize your family's exposure to other known allergens because of the cumulative effect of multiple allergens

in producing symptoms.

* Try to save your most strenuous outdoor activities for days with relatively low ozone levels, or do them in the

morning before ozone levels rise.

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2 Certified Allergy and Asthma Consultants, Allergic Rhinitis (Albany,

New York,



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