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Small Country And Tsunami

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Two years ago, on December 2004, when I had school holiday, I decided to go to Singapore for an English course. I was in Singapore for only 3 weeks. As a child, I felt enthusiastic because I want to know how my English skill was. I went to there with my father. I had been in the airplane for 2 hours. After we arrived in Singapore Changi airport, we took a taxi to our hotel. Then, after we placed our baggage in the hotel, I went to the English course place to apply. My English course place was located at peninsula plaza. This mall had many camera stores. Two days later, I started my class. I guess that my class started around nine o'clock. The first day I started my class, I was surprise because I met people from many other country. I have never met them before. They are mostly from Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippine, and Korea. I was in intermediate level. When I was in class, I always heard from them, if they called the teacher, they did not say the teacher's name. I feel strange why they did not say the teacher's name. After my class finish, we were looking for an apartment to rent because it was expensive stay in hotel. We went to Chinatown to find an apartment. It was difficult to rent an apartment because it was illegal. Then, we tried to ask a guard, who kept an apartment. Hence, we said to the guard that I wanted rent apartment, so the guard whisper to me .Finally, we found the property owner. Then, we make a deal with the property owner. I was so happy because the distance between my apartment and my English course place was near. Furthermore, At Christmas Eve, my father and I went to orchard that was the downtown of Singapore. The situation was very crowded at that time. Many people blew trumpets. Then, two days later, my father left Singapore. I was alone and I felt sad because my father did not stand beside me. However, I tried to become independent. At New Year Eve, I regretted because I could not go anywhere because I had a headache. Day by day, I felt homesick and I missed my parents. One day, I felt stressful and got depressed and I could not sleep. Sometimes, I cried when I feel sad. I called my mom that I wanted go home.

When I was in Singapore, there was interesting event. That was Chinese New Year. This is the first time; I celebrated Chinese New Year in Singapore. This party was hold in Chinatown. The place was near from my apartment, so I just walked. At the time, the street was crowded because the prime minister came to China town to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is the first time; Singapore celebrated Chinese New Year with firecracker.



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