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Slim's Table

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In order to be a good person one must participate in society and become one with not only you but also with others. Without participating in society with others, you aren't experiencing half of the wonderful creations God has made for us. Such as falling in love, bonding, sharing laughter, sharing friends. If being a good person can rely centrally on what a person does alone than that person can't experience a higher-self.

According to Duneier, the higher-self is "sometimes reawakened through the participation in society (113)." Slim's higher-self is "the kind of person that he conceives himself to be is ultimately indicative of a relationship between himself and himself. It is the relationship between the image of self-worth with which he lives from day to day and the perception of respectability that derives from participation in the larger society. (117)". This shows that Slim has a relationship with himself, which we all should, but this relationship throbs and grows as he interacts and participates in society. He learns about himself and about the world through the men at the Valois. One can do activities on their own but if they never participate in society, they serve no purpose in life. I believe that that person is selfish. I believe anyone who participates in society benefits from it. However it is the way you choose to participate in society that results in becoming a good or bad person.

"Human beings desire to participate in a world that validates their own image of self-worth (109)." It is natural for a human to have the desire to participate in society; it is not normal to always want to be alone. Through society you are able to become a good

Person, I believe that it forms you. To me, a good person is one who gives back to the world. One who reaches out to others and wants to help make a difference in the world. I don't understand how a person can be considered good if they rely centrally on the activities they do alone. One who does this may personally think they are a good person, but they don't know any different. They don't interact with other people so they only have one view of a good person and that is their self.

"Clearly defined personal activities and repetitive processes are constituents of both individual autonomy and collective solidarity (35)." I believe that this defines a person who relies centrally on what they do alone. Solidarity does not make you a good person. How could it? You aren't learning any values on your own, such as the value of friendship. You aren't interacting with people who can bring you happiness, joy, all the pleasures of human life.

In chapter 8 of Slim's Table, The Underclass and the Middle Class, Duneier says that "Every society is constituted of its creators and its maintainers (131)." The people who created and formed society did not do activities on their own. The creators had to come together and work with others to form society and it is up to us, the maintainers to uphold society. The maintainers are the good people.

Duneier also states that people in need of help, need "the support of those



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