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Site Preparation

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Subject: - Preparation of site & readiness for installation of INNOVA- 2G.

Dear Sir,

We hope that by now you must have received the Auto Woven Bag Cutting & Sewing Machine Model INNOVA-2 G at your factory.

Now we request you to arrange everything and keep the following essential requirements ready, before deputation of our Engineer / technician to your factory for installation and commissioning of the above machine.

1.   The Machine must be placed at designated location by your own workers.

2.   The wooden / metal pallets should be removed by your workmen only and place all assemblies /    

Sub-assemblies according to the machine lay-out drawing.

3.   You will have to arrange 4 Sq. mm – 4 core copper flexible cable and 3 Pole MCB 32 Amp Capacity

for providing Main Power Input Supply. The Mains cable should be kept ready at your end and also

Provide separate Earth Grid for this machine. For this Earth Grid you should MAINTAIN LESS THAN TWO VOLT between EARTH & NUTRAL        

4.   For operating the machine, Compressed Air will be essential. The volume of Air required will be equal

      to a 3 HP Compressor and the Air Pressure requirement is 5.5 to 6.0 Bar. Continuous supply of clean

      (moisture-free) Compressed – Air must be provided for trouble free operation of the Machine.

5.  PP Multifilament yarn of following specification must be arranged well in advance and should be

     kept ready in case you are willing to use NEWLONG Make high speed sewing machine. Without PP

     Multifilament yarn, the machine cannot be commissioned which may kindly be noted.


  1. DENIER – 1000

  1. Twist per Meter – 70
  1. Color – Any color as per your requirement

6.  Fabric rolls for which you wish to take trials, must be available and kept ready. The fabric should be wound

     on Steel core of 4 inch dia (Preferably). Printed fabrics must have “Print – Marks” 6 to 8 mm thick and

     20-25 mm length (minimum) printed on the sides of bag / fabrics. If there is any special requirement from

     your side regarding trials then it must be notified to us well in advance.

7. Machine operators, Maintenance fitters and technical staff who will supervise the machine operations in



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