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Sister Souljah

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Many people have said and think Sister Souljah is a racist. She has made a statement to let people know she is not a racist. She considers herself of being a black sister with an unselfish heart and wants to be heard and will be heard. Sister Souljah has impacted and affected our society today. To some people she is a threat and some people admire her work, thoughts, and music. She has stated ''I am mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually, and academically developed and acutely aware of the condition of African people throughout the entire world".

Sister Souljah was born in Bronx New York, raised in the projects. She is a graduate of Rutgers University where she earned a degree in American History and African Studies. She also attended the Cornell University Advanced Placement Studies, and studied abroad in Europe at the University of Salamanca. As a student activist, Souljah created, and financed an African youth survival camp for homeless families. As a community activist she promoted outdoor rallies and concerts in Harlem New York. She has been on many different radio stations and television channels. Sister Souljah is also known as a hip hop artist. She has a CD produced called 360 Degrees of Power, and she is currently working on another one. Any one who purchase her album will have a full understanding of what she think and believe. Many people are waiting on the release of her first film The Coldest Winter Ever, executive produced by Souljah Story, Jada Pinkett Smith, and HBO. Souljah is the executive director of Daddy's House Social Programs part of Bad Boy Entertainment. She is the author of two best sellers, The Coldest Winter Ever which tells the life of a drug dealing family and their daughter Winter, and No Disrespect she wrote about the struggle of a young black woman growing up. Souljah has spoken on the same platform with Jesse Jackson, Minister Louis Farrakkan, Reverened Ben Chavis, Reverened Calvin Butts, and Nelson Mandela. Souljah has spoken to many students on college campuses throughout the country. She is a very powerful influential woman.

Sister Souljah is a strong, educated, opinionated black woman who sometimes is a threat to others. Some people consider her as racist because of her opinions,



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