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Simulation Assignment

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Simulation Assignment

Michelle Lannon

University of Phoenix



The simulation exercise consisted of a scenario in which the student was to be a manager at an up and coming facility. There were 3 sets of tasks to be accomplished, and the results of the student's choices given immediately to the student. Each choice affected the outcome in some way, whether positive or negative.

Simulation Paper

Upon completion of this exercise, I discovered how truly difficult it is to make managerial decisions. The adage "You can never please everyone all of the time" holds true. I learned this first as a team lead for DJ Orthopedics, when I had to make some type of lower level managerial decision every day. Most of my day was spent troubleshooting problems that arose, and trying to figure out the best way to resolve them. During the simulation, I had to think very carefully about every decision I made, since one slight mistake could affect the entire outcome. In choosing, almost every decision had a positive and negative side to it. I made decisions I felt were solid, and in some cases I was completely off base.

In phase 1, I chose to modify the cardiovascular disease program and introduce obstetrics. I chose to modify the cardiovascular program based upon the research conducted, and the numbers that were presented in the simulation. Many of the people surveyed had some form of cardiovascular disease prevailing, and most were on medication for it. I felt that modifying the existing program would be beneficial. I selected obstetrics as a new service line, again based upon the research conducted. There were many responses indicating that obstetrics would be needed. I did very well upon both, and especially in the area of cardiovascular. The team was pleased with the decision, and we moved on to phase 2.

In phase 2, I chose to set up a CCU and to deliver the new obstetrics care service, option C. I chose the CCU due to the low costs and resistance, and also due to life experience in the area. In dealing with a CCU, I have noticed the patients tend to receive a higher quality of care. In the simulation however, it was not the best decision. The simulation feels the quality of care does not improve and I could have reconsidered the decision. My decision to choose process C for obstetrics was an excellent decision. It makes the facility full service for obstetrics services, and again it was based upon research, and life experience. My mother is a mother-baby nurse for Palomar-Pomerado Health here in San Diego, and it has always been her experience that new mothers are skittish, and having the one on one contact calms them down and makes them more focused on what they have to do. New mothers seem to go home happier and well informed when all information is given to them in an environment with the least amount of distraction and the most convenience. Since they are already in the hospital, it does not require a separate visit, and it then becomes personalized, one on one service with



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