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Should We Legalize Marijuana?

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Essay Preview: Should We Legalize Marijuana?

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Should we legalize marijuana? this is a question asked by many

politicians and student alike. There are many views on this subject. if we legalize

marijuana it could save the governments a lot

of money if they did not have to

prosecute people who use marijuana and are caught by the police. Canada has

already taken a step in the direction of legalizing marijuana because it has

decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. Under this law if you are caught with

marijuana as long as it is a small amount of the drug you will just be given a fine

and you will not have a criminal record. This is a good thing for users because

they will not have a blackmark on their permanent

records for such an offence.

Canada has also taken another step towards legalizing Marijuana in the fact that

doctors are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana for patients who are

chronically ill, have cancer, has chronic pain and it is also used to treat glaucoma.

Also if the government supplies the marijuana it could be safer for people because

there would be no trace amounts of other drugs in it. Another argument for

the legalization of marijuana is the fact that other drugs such as tobacco which is

highly addictive and dangerous to your health because it causes cancers of the

lungs, mouth, tongue and throat. Another drug that can cause health problems

with repeated use is alcohol, it can cause liver damage and can also become an

addiction that can ruin your life, you can loose everything. You can also get

alcohol poisoning and but there are no reocrded instanced of marijuana overdose,

Yet tobacco and alcohol are legal in our society and marijuana is illegal. These are

accepted in our society perhaps because of the vast amount of money that these

activities bring to the government.

There are however reasons to keep marijuana illegal, there may be an

increased amount of people who get pulled over for driving while impaired, this



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