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Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?

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Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?

To lower or not to lower the voting age, it is a question I have thought greatly about and I say, I think not! I strongly think that the sixteen year olds of everyday life need not to vote.

Sixteen year olds should not have the right to vote because most of us are too immature to even begin to understand who to vote for. If the state argued to put in a Government and Politics class, I guarantee that sixteen year olds would not learn from it. Why? Because more than half the class would fall asleep, be too bored to pay attention, or they just don't care to listen. My American History class proved this. If students can't even pay attention to know how this country was founded, do you honestly think that they care to know that they can vote for the next secretary of state? They probably won't even know what that position is and what it could lead to.

Then there is that handful of teenagers who do listen to what the teacher is saying. They are those who do understand how the system works and want to be a part of it. But there is one slight problem; they do not have "experience". The Vietnam War is why eighteen year olds can now vote. In the 1960's, people the ages of 18 or older were drafted into the Vietnam War. When they returned to America, they complained that the right to vote should be allowed to them, for they had served the country. Those that are sixteen have not been in any war, have not killed any enemies, and have not really served this country in any way.

So why do we need the right to vote? Most of us teenagers don't care who the next president is. Just as long as he/she doesn't tear down the skate parks and the movie theaters. That's what we are all about, right?



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