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Should College Athletes Be Paid Or Not?

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Essay Preview: Should College Athletes Be Paid Or Not?

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Many scholarships are given out to college athletes every year. Some believe the scholarships are not enough and that athletes should be paid like the professional players. Others believe the scholarships should be enough. This focuses the controversial question, should college athletes be payed like professional athletes?

College athletes and other people believe that college athletes should receive a salary.

Many reasons go into why college athletes should obtain a pay check. First, the athletes are putting themselves at risk for injuries. The athletes are working so hard to keep the schools rank up, many receive injuries because of it. Another reason is that the poor athletes can not rely on families for money. Sure the rich families can afford to send there kids off to college, but what about the less fortunate families. College athletes do not have time for after-school jobs. The third reason to why college athletes believe they should be paid like professional athletes is names are being used. College athletes are making the universities money. So would it not only be fair if the players receive some of the profit. The last reason to why they feel they are treated unfairly is that the coaches are being paid millions of dollars but players receive none of the profits.

The other side of this controversial issue is many believe college athletes should not be paid like professional athletes. Since basketball and football are more popular, the basketball and football athletes would receive more money than the other sports. Also male athletes are watched more than female athletics, making males receiving more than females. Another reason is that most athletic departments do not usually make a profit. Many believe that athletes receive scholarships so they should not be paid on top of that. They feel as if they are being greedy and feel as if the money should go to other scholarships.




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