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Sex Education In Public Schoold

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Sex Education in Public Schools

Today, there are many young people that are sexually active. There are many things that contribute to them becoming active such as peer pressure, TV shows, commercials, and curiosity. After they have begun to have sex, they may not realize the risks and dangers that they are setting themselves up for. By, having sex education in public schools, young people can learn about their body, learn how to protect themselves, and how to deal with certain situations.

One benefit of having a sex education class is that the young people can learn more about their body. By this, I mean they could learn about the reproductive system and the different types of organs that contribute to sex. With this knowledge, it may cut out some of the curiosity that the young people are having, especially about the opposite sex's body.

Another benefit a sex education class can offer is that it would teach young people, how to protect themselves. This class would teach the young people how and why to use condoms and other types of contraceptives. Contraceptives are just other types of protection, such as birth control. There are so many different things going around, such as STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), AIDS, and HIV, some diseases with cures, and others without. In this day and time, this is an important issue, because there are so many young people who are getting these diseases and not knowing the symptoms or anything. Most importantly, young people can protect themselves from becoming pregnant. During my last year of high school, it looked as though getting pregnant was a fashion trend; almost everyone had to do it. It seemed as though everywhere I turned, I saw a pregnant young lady. Therefore, a sex education class would cut out some of their chances of getting any type of disease and maybe even from getting pregnant.

The final benefit that young people could



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