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Seven Pounds by Gabriele Muccino

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Essay Preview: Seven Pounds by Gabriele Muccino

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Distressed and caring can be used to describe Will Smith’s character in Seven Pounds. Seven Pounds a movie directed by Gabriele Muccino Portrayed the tale Tim Thomas, a former space engineer, who caused a car wreck in which resulted in the death of his fiancé and six others. Decides to pose as an IRS agent in order to change the lives of seven individuals to whom of which vary in wealth, health, and living circumstances in an attempt to clear some of the guilt that rests on his shoulders, but as the movie progresses we can see how distressed he still is about the crash even after caring so these people.

Throughout the movie it is confirmed multiple times that Tim is still very distressed about the crash, and this affects the way he interacts with the individuals that he is trying to help “ Emily: What happened? Tim: Stop it. Emily: No, seriously you can tell… Tim: Stop it. “ (Car Scene,Muccino) in this interaction Tim is with a woman named Emily, who is suffering from congenital heart failure. During this interaction Emily brings up the topic of love, then she proceeds to ask him if he has ever been in love Tim responds with a very hesitant “ Yes”(Car Scene,Muccino) but when asked further about his love life Tim has a very pained look on his face which is a clear indicator that he is not very comfortable talking about the crash and his deceased fiancé. Another scene which indicates his emotional distress is when he is talking with Ezra Turner, who is a blind beef-salesman. In the scene Tim says to him, “ You blind, vegan, beef-salesman, virgin coward!” following this verbal assault Ezra hangs up. Tim cries at the end because he knows what he did was wrong.

Despite Tim’s hardships throughout the film we can see that he still keeps a caring demeanor when he is around the individuals he is trying to help, we can see this when he meets Connie Tepos. Connie is being abused by her boyfriend but is too afraid to press charges so Tim offers her his beach house which he describes as “seguro y muy hermoso”. Following this offer Connie asks him to leave the house immediately, but before he leaves he makes sure that he leaves his card with Connie in which he is successful. Later in the movie Tim receives



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