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Servqual Audit

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Ma. Andrea A. Varlez       11327375                                              MARKSEV K31

Servqual Audit
Jollibee, SM Megamall






Product Elements


Price & Other Cost


Place, Time, & Cyberspace


Promotions & Education




Productivity & Quality


Physical Evidence




Product Elements – For the tangibles in this particular branch of Jollibee, there are good sides and bad sides. For the good sides, the whole place looks modern and new. The chairs and tables are not worn out. The designs on the walls are a bit creative and the bright colors gave the place a cheerful ambiance, which what Jollibee is all really about. The plates, utensils, and glasses still have that glossy effect which make them look new and very clean. The sink area and the bathroom were spacious and they match the modern theme of the place. Inside the bathroom, the flush and hand dryer were working. There was also available tissue roll which is rare nowadays in fastfood establishments. On the other hand, there are also bad sides like the lamp light above our table was flickering which was distracting. The spoon and forks were not hot when I got it from the steel container. Several high chairs for kids are located in the sink area making it look cluttered despite the area having quite a large space. Inside the bathroom, the trash can was overflowing and there were tissue papers on the floor.

Price & Other Cost Considerations – For my meal, which consisted of 1-piece chicken with rice, a regular glass of coke, and regular fries, I only paid Php 99.00. It was very affordable.

Place, Time, & Cyberspace – This Jollibee branch is in a good location. It is located near one of the entrances of SM Megamall, the supermarket, and the escalators. It is very accessible and has high foot traffic. It was past lunch time, around 1 in the afternoon, when I went so the place was not really crowded and busy. The place was also well-ventilated. For the cyberspace, there is a “WiFi Area” sign but the WiFi is not working. There were also a few CCTV cameras in the place but in my opinion, Jollibee should install more, considering the fact that the place is huge and there are a lot of customers around any time of the day.

Promotions & Education – Promotions in this Jollibee branch need improvement. At the entrance, there are only two posters of some of the products being offered. Inside, the walls are decorated with patterns/shapes of Jollibee’s head and words like “Happiness”, “Joyful”, “Cheerful”, and the like. Out of all the fastfood establishments that I have been, like Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Chowking, and Tropical Hut, this particular branch of Jollibee has the fewest promotions In other fastfood establishments, they have a lot of promotions like standees and posters on the wall designed and placed decoratively.



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