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September 11

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September 11, this is the day the United States had the biggest tragedy in its history. That tore up the heart of human beings all around the world or at least every "human being". Why would a person commit a crime like this? What every his motives are, all the people that where killed were innocent civilians.

Americans say; we are going to rebuild the twin towers and we are going on with our life. Of course you are. The United States is the biggest and richest country in the world. The best way to retaliate is to show those lunatics that this won't affect Americans, and every thing will go on as usual.

What do Americans think about this and what do they think their government should do? Some say we should hit all Arabs, even thou Afghanistan has nothing to do with Arab world, others say we should hit who ever did it, and there is a minority that say it's a wrong thing to hit back because in their mind things are not solved by war. Yeah may be there is some truth in that, but in this case, NO. In my opinion, I'm with the second group. Who ever did this should pay the price.

Oasama Benladen The lunatic after this tragedy. A fighter that hides in Afghanistan and fight in the name of Islam. No religion would ask its followers to kill innocent people or kill at all. This is his way to keep people around him by saying that he is fighting for his religion.

All this built hate ridge in the minds off American people toward Arab people. I don't blame Americans because there is a lot they don't know about Arab world they think Arab hate America and that is not true at all. People don't hate Americans they just blame the foreign policy of the united states because it is supporting Israel in the middle east with out seeing the consciences of that and I don't blame Americans for that ether, the blame is on the media that always shows that Lebanese, Palestinians, etc fighting against Israel but they don't say where and why.

Lebanese people were fighting in their own land against Israel, just trying to keep it out of their land and to stop it from killing innocent babies and people. And Americans have no idea of how Palestinians are living. Israel has robbed them of every human right. These people are fighting weapons with stones; they have been doing this for years and Israelis are killing and torturing Palestinians every single day but Americans don't see that on TV they just see when an Israeli is hit or shut.

For example; we all remember when the tragedy happened, the TV stations started saying that Palestinians are happy, and they showed a video that showed some people celebrating, and those are supposed to be Palestinians. First of all they were all children bellow the age of 15 and there were only 2 elderly people, they shut it from deferent angels this way they will look to be a bigger number of people. And I would also raise a question here we all saw the vane that came between those people, started it's horn and the people inside it started clapping. The window of this vane was filled with Hebron writing. If they are really Palestinians and happy for what happened in the United States why would the writing be in Hebron? It should be in Arabic, that is the language they speak and write, and one other thing. Its common knowledge in France, Italy, and it has been played on the news and put in news papers in Turkish that 4 thousand Jewish employee where supposed to be at trade center on Tuesday but they were not. Is that a coincident? The real question that needs an answer is. Why wasn't it put on the news here?

Whenever you say Moslem to an American he thinks that you are an Arabian. That is not true there are lots of Moslems all around the world not only in the Arab world and there all also lots of Christians their too. So this is not true and on the other hand Afghanistan is not one of the Arabian countries it has nothing to do with it. They don't even speak Arabic.

Anyway, the united states in supporting Israel with $10 billion of weapons each year and that is the main reason Arab blame the foreign policy of the united states because the bombs that are killing millions of people and destroying thousands of villages in that area are American made and they are given for free to the Israelis.

Israel, what can you say about a country occupying others land, taking the soil, sucking up the water from the rivers, bombing virgin villages and targeting civilians. You may argue with me on that, but I have lots of proofs to show that what I'm saying is right and true. Here is a story on a small village in southern Lebanon called Qana and this is one of thousand others. By the way, there is a cave, just 700 meters from the cemetery including relief works and clay bottles. Where a miracle took place at that site which is called " Qana miracle" where, the Christ, according to the bibles, converted water into wine. And that was the first miracle the Christ did. However, on the night of April the 18th



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