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Separate Peace

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In the book A Separate Peace Gene has to deal with feeling guilty with his words and his actions that he makes in the book. There has been a lot of times in my life I have felt guilty for something I may have done or said. For all those times I have left guilt in my life I have always came up for a reason why I might have acted a certain way or said certain things to someone or something. I was about 15 years old when this happened and I was in Amsterdam being a student ambassador (to play tennis in Amsterdam) so I was on my own with only a group of about 15 kids who were apart of the team. We were allowed to go out on our own at the nighttime but we had to make sure that we were back before 2 am because we always had to wake up early so that's when the coach would do bed check and if we were around he had all the cell numbers of all of us in case we weren't their or something. It's the last night their and we decides to go out as usual and the coach gave us a curfew of 4 am because it was the last night and he wanted to go out as well so he said he'd do bed check at 4 am that night. So we go out and we all deicide to go out as a group to spend the night together. Were all hanging out and we take a cab to some beach because we heard about this extraordinary beach that had white sand and all this other stuff about it so were like " last night lets go to the beach". We all arrive at the beach at like 11 pm and I'm just sitting there with these other people from all around the country and we all were sharing stories about our hometowns and such. One of the kids tells us a story about back home the stuff they would do at beaches at night; and one of the things was jumping off rocks into the water. We decide to do this as in jump off rocks into the water from like 15 ft high and so this first kid goes to jump and he jumps off and no problem makes a cool splash and comes up and says "Man that was awesome I want to

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