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Sears Essentials

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I. Introduction

a. Sears Essenials - A new type of store from Sears.

b. Cover who they are, what has been done, when new stores open and what stores are open now, locations, and the aim of these new stores.

II. Who

a. Sears Essentials is a new store format that opened after the merger with K-Mart

b. Sears Essentials was originally planned as stores in areas where there was no competition, but may be expanding into areas with high levels of competition

III. What

a. These stores are a combination of:

i. Pantry items

ii. Apparel

iii. Tools

iv. House Wares

v. Sporting Goods

vi. Toys

vii. Lawn & Garden

viii. Appliances

ix. Media

x. Electronics

xi. Optometry, Pharmacy, Auto Repair

b. Originally planned to have 25 stores opening, but will be expanding into 47 by the end of the calendar year.

c. Aimed to compete with Target and Wal-Mart

d. Provides many items at a lower price than is available in the Sears Grand locations

e. Off-Mall locations designed to get into areas that are not generally near a mall

f. Combines the Sears name with the single-floor, clean and bright layout of K-mart.

IV. When

a. Store openings have already begun. With over 26 open stores, 12 more opening in August, and 9 more scheduled to open in October, this is a quickly growing chain.

b. In the Florida areas, there are 3 stores opening in August and 1 in October

i. Clearwater (Open)

ii. West Palm Beach (Open)

iii. Deland (Open)

iv. Cape Coral (Opens in October)

V. Where

a. 3020 Se Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34997

b. 1363



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