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Scripture Review

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Ali Buser

  1. He saw a taskmaster whipping a Hebrew slave, and he killed him and hid the body.
  2. Zipporah was Moses’ wife.
  3. God identified himself as The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob when Moses approached the burnish bush.
  4. The people of Israel were now God’s family, and they were the slaves of Egypt.
  5. Moses’ first excuse when God told him he was going back to Egypt is false humility.
  6. Moses was told to identify the God of Israel to the Jewish people, “I am who I am.”
  7. When people are confronted by God in the Bible, most people run away.
  8. Moses demanded for the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go into the desert for three days to rededicate themselves to the covenant.
  9. The Pharaoh refused and gave them even more work to do.
  10. They were to sacrifice the sacred animals that the Egyptians worshipped and so would upset them and cause riots.
  11. God created the 10 plagues towards Egypt when the Pharaoh refused again.
  12. So that the Angel of Death (the 10th plague) would "Passover" their house, it was also their way of showing their fidelity to the God of Abraham.
  13. Take a lamb without blemish, sacrifice it, spread its blood over their doorposts, and eat it as part of a sacred meal. They were to eat unleavened bread, since there would be no time to let it rise before they had to leave Egypt. The lamb had to be roasted, not boiled, and they had to eat it with their traveling clothes on.
  14. The children of Israel had to have a week long fasting every year to show what God had done.
  15. The symbolism of the blood was that It was by the blood of the lamb that they were saved from death and slavery, and it is by the blood of the lamb of God (Jesus) that we are saved from death and the slavery of sin.
  16. God kept the Egyptians from catching the Israelites by putting a pillar of fire in between them.
  17. God defeated the Egyptians through Moses by drowning them in the Red sea once the Israelites had passed.
  18. The manna is a type of the Eucharist.
  19. What is the significance of God choosing the Israelites as a nation of priests? All of Israel would have direct contact with God, they were supposed to be examples for the rest of the world.
  20. He built an altar and made sacrifice.
  21. He was alone for 40 days and nights, and God showed him the blueprints for the Tabernacle.
  22. .
  23. Aaron got the gold from the jewelry of the Israelites.
  24. The chance to be the new Abraham.
  25. Because Moses was so selfless that he turned down God's offer to be the new Abraham.
  26. Of the covenant that broke.
  27. To be priests, and to kill all of the men that were participating in the celebration or worshiping the golden calf.
  28. The tribe of Levi.
  29. To remind them constantly of their sin and remind them of who to worship.
  30. To teach humility, so that they wouldn't worship false gods.
  31. God gave them to Moses in the Tabernacle and he told them to the Levites.
  32. Having to do with the Levites.
  33. To teach the Israelites to be more holy.
  34. Their every day life, their relationship with others, what they could and couldn't eat, sacrifice, how the priests were ordained, pretty much everything.
  35. The first law
  36. Because they didn't trust God.
  37. The only two Israelites that trusted God, so they found their way to the promise land.
  38. They were sent back into the wilderness to die.
  39. Because of his people's unfaithfulness.
  40. The second law
  41. Jericho was the first target of the Israelites in Canaan
  42. Joshua succeeded Moses as leader of Israel
  43. Joshua’s spies stayed with Rahab in Canaan.
  44. It dried up (as a sign that the God of Moses was with them as well)
  45. Circumcision was the most important ceremony the Israelites performed
  46.  They obeyed God who told them to march around the city once for six days, and then march around the city seven times on the seventh day and blow horns; the walls came crashing down.
  47. David and Jesus are the two most important descendants of Rahab.
  48. Because they intermingled with other peoples and their religions/cultures, falling into idolatry.
  49. Civil war nearly wiped out the Tribe of Benjamin
  50. To be just like everyone else, they were tired of being a nation set apart.
  51. That they were rejecting God himself.
  52. That he would oppress them, tax them, and push them into military service.
  53. He anointed him with oil.
  54. Anointed means to consecrate with oil.
  55. 1. He made a sacrifice that was selfish and assuming that he was in charge of God. 2. He did not obey God's indication to destroy all the animals of the Amalekites, instead he kept them for himself and his soldiers.
  56. Jesse's house.
  57. David.



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