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Essay Preview: Scorpions

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Jamal Hicks- he\'s the main character. He\'s 12 years old. He takes care of his family and friends. He\'s a trouble make at school

Randy- leader of the scorpions, He is 17 years old. He is in jail for robbing a store.Jamal\'s older brother.

Mac-he\'s the warlord of the scorpions.He\'s Randy\'s best freind. He tries to get jamal to take over the scorpions.

Dwayne- he\'s 14 years old who bullies jamal at school.

Mrs. Hicks9jamal\'s mom)-working a lot

to pay fro Randy\'s appeal which is $2,000

Mr.Stanton-He\'s a manager that mrs.hicks works for.

Indian-wants to take control of the scorpions

Angel- wants to be the warlord of the scorpions

The scorpions-Randy, Mac, Blood, Terry, Indian, Angel,Bobby welcome.Ages between 14-17 years old

Sassy- jamal\'s little sister

Tito- Jamal\'s best friend who always has his back. He helps and protects Jamal.

Randy is in jail and wants Jamal to take over the scorpions. Jamal has to deal with school, especially Dwayne who picks on him everyday. His mom is working hard to get money for Randy. Mac gave Jamal the gun. The next day at school, Dwayne and Jamal were going to fight in the storeroom. Jamal went to go tell Tito and gave Tito the gun. He told Tito to go put it in the storeroom. The kids stayed out of the storeroom while they fought. Jamal remembered that the gun was in the storeroom. He grsbbed the gun and pointed it at Dwayne. Dwayne said it wasn\'t

real, but he got scared.Jamal started kicking Dwayne then left.

Jamal got a job so that he can get money for Randy. Than Indian and Angel went to the store one day and the owner didn't

like how Jamal knew these guys. Jamal was fired. Jamal came home and the lights were turned off. Sassy said that mom\'s not home because Randy was stabbed by the other prisoners. Sassy said that Darnell told her Jamal had a gun, but Jamal said that he didn\'t.

He called Darnell a liar. Later Jamal told



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