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Scientists Take New Step Toward Man-Made Life

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Essay Preview: Scientists Take New Step Toward Man-Made Life

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"Synthetic biologists envision being able one day to design an organism on a computer, press the "print" button to have the necessary DNA made, and then put that DNA into a cell to produce a custom-made creature." This Thursday, a group of scientists reported that they had made the entire genome of a bacterium by stitching together its chemical components. This is much more complex because than previously, scientists had just synthesized the complete DNA of viruses. Now, this raises the question of humans being able to do this. It may be considered "immoral" or "wrong" to do this by some; they may see humans altering genes and such as anathema. It could be considered a good thing and a bad thing.

I believe it's a great thing for the scientists being able to do this. I think this is absolutely an ok and good thing because scientists right now could synthesize organisms which can make bio-fuels. This can lead to other improvements which can help with the environment. I think it's revolutionary because not only would it save the world, but it would also provide a clean energy source. It could abate ways of polluting the earth and bring about new things. Some others have the same views on this being positive. Kuang Lin_Diaz says "I think that the creation of synthetic organisms is an inevitable future that will eventually become a reality". The scientists deserve adulation.

Kuang thinks that it could still have a bad side to it. Its potential is "literally limitless and maybe be the solution to all our problems or it may just create a new series of problems unlike any". For instance, he thinks that it could create problems like a super virus that can infect any host and is airborne. He still thinks the program should be continued and much research should be done, but certain limitations should be established. Kuang believes that no humans should ever be created because it's



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