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Science Fiction Essay

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In 3016, in a world where all men look like same and all women look the same.Admittedly,the intermarriage of people causes it.But people are numbered when they born since the year my story happened.My friend Lucifer known as No.3083 who studies with me at Leende High School that he loves Stary deeply.Because of his poor family circumstance,he can’t tell the felling to her.

Today I decide to go to the web bar with Lucifer as usual,but suddenlly,i see him hanging out with Stary as if i see a miracle,how is that make sense?I asked myself again and again,is that Lucifer?I even want to interrupt them and ask:”what happened?Oh!I can’t believe what i have seen!”I am sure that the man who walks with Stary is Lucifer,because I can’t imagine another people who wears a broken-hole shirt and with a windblown hair.In addition,he has a habit that he loves to touch his nose when he meets a girl.Therefore,i attempt to follow them to make sure his number.But it is strange that his number is 3033!Under the impulse of curiosity, i decide to keep following.Soon after they separate and “the Lucifer” seems like a little anxious.Then,a Lamborghini stops and a man gets off which makes me shocked because they have the same numbers on their necks!”The Lucifer” rises his hand and try to clean something on his neck,i suddenly realize that he covered his number with loose powder blush in order to get close to Stary!“You got my money?”The man who come out of the Lamborghini is a good friend of Lucifer called Kelvin.“Here is your money,”he hands over the money as he speak to Kelvin,“as you promised,do not get close to Stary anymore!”Shortly afterwards,Kelvin repeats,“I know your feeling to Stary,but you know,she loves my personality,my lifestyle and my money.”“But she doesn’t realize you still contacts your ex and also have lots of lovers from clubs!”Lucifer shouts.An mercy expression appears on Kelvin’s face,“Alright,I don’t care whatever you want,I won’t bother ou and of course i won’t obstruct your plan



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