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Scholarship Essay

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The Southern Arizona Federal Woman's Program

Interagency Council

2003 Scholarship Awards

"If you try hard you'll succeed, just keep on trying," my mother always says. As far back as I can recall, my parents have always said remarks such as this one. They have always been major influences in my life, giving me enthusiasm, courage, strength, and the ability to keep progressing forward. Both my mom and my dad are officers in the USAF. They both worked extremely hard to get to where they are today. I would like to follow in their footsteps, which is why your scholarship is ever so important to me.

I am currently enlisted in the Air force and go to school part time. I am only one semester away from receiving my Associates degree in Psychology. After I complete my associates I plan to go onto the university of Arizona to continue my education and receive my bachelor's degree in psychology. With this degree I then plan to go to officer training school and become an officer in the Air Force.

Being in the military I am blessed with 100% tuition assistance, but unfortunately that does not include books and supplies. On a Senior Airman's pay that limits me to only affording one class a semester due to the cost of books and supplies. My sociology book for this semester was eighty-seven dollars alone. Not to mention the fifteen-dollar workbook and miscellaneous items I had to purchase for the class as well. If I were awarded your scholarship this would allow me to take more than one class a semester and would help me complete my degree that much faster.

I have always dreamed of defending my country. Being enlisted is a great opportunity and the military has taught me so much how to treat others with respect, how to have discipline and most importantly how to achieve my goals. With your scholarship



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