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Scarlet Letter Chapter By Chapter

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Essay Preview: Scarlet Letter Chapter By Chapter

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Nathaniel Hawthorne вЂ" The Scarlet Letter

a. Vocabulary

i. Haughty вЂ" Proud; scornful

ii. Ignominy вЂ" Shameful

iii. Phantasmagoric вЂ" Supernatural

iv. Preternaturally вЂ" Supernatural

v. Remonstrance вЂ" Protest

vi. Heterogeneous вЂ" Dissimilar groups

vii. Sagacity вЂ" Wisdom

viii. Exhort вЂ" Urge

ix. Leech вЂ" Doctor

x. Inscrutable вЂ" Not understandable

xi. Galling вЂ" Extremely Irritating

xii. Commiserate вЂ" To pity

xiii. Voluptuous вЂ" Sensual

xiv. Mutability вЂ" To mutate; change

xv. Amenable вЂ" Accountable

xvi. Prolific вЂ" Abundant

xvii. Caprice вЂ" A whim

xviii. Imperious вЂ" Arrogant

xix. Perversity вЂ" Strong willed; odd

xx. Sundering вЂ" Tearing apart

xxi. Vehemence вЂ" Strength

xxii. Appellation вЂ" A name

xxiii. Commodious вЂ" Handiness

xxiv. Askance вЂ" To look sideways

xxv. Somniferous вЂ" Inducing Sleep

xxvi. Impalpable вЂ" Not perceptible

xxvii. Somnambulism вЂ" Sleepwalking

xxviii. Torpid вЂ" Dormant; unmoving

xxix. Despondency вЂ" Sadness

xxx. Entreating вЂ" A plea

xxxi. Rankle вЂ" Irritate

xxxii. Sedulous вЂ" Buoy; perseverance

xxxiii. Scintillating вЂ" Sparkling

xxxiv. Vivacity вЂ" Liveliness

xxxv. Loquacity вЂ" Talkativeness

xxxvi. Doleful вЂ" Sad

b. Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1

i. Setting вЂ" Early years of the U.S. Three men were mixed with dead bodies. Anne Hutchinson seems to be saint-like. Anne Hutchinson вЂ" There is goodness in everything

Chapter 2

ii. Hester Prynne is released from prison with her daughter. She wears a scarlet letter with gold trim on her clothes. She remembers what it was like before she went to prison. Hester Prynne вЂ" There is a time and place for everything

Chapter 3

iii. New Indians come to town. A man asks one what is taking place. We find out what Hester has done. Nobody can prove she did it though because they are not able to find the father. Hester Prynne вЂ" Daydreaming can be helpful

Chapter 4

iv. The baby starts to have convulsions in the jail with her mom. A doctor comes and gives it medicine. Hester’s husband comes in and talks with her. Roger Chillingsworth вЂ" Actions speak louder than words.

Chapter 5

v. Hester gives up her individuality by wearing an “A”. She begins to use her needlework for other causes. However, she is not able to fashion a veil for a bride. Hester вЂ" You are able to take control of your own life at any time.

Chapter 6

vi. Hester finally names her daughter. She has chosen the name Pearl because she is the most precious thing that Hester has. She has a very hard time disciplining Pearl. She also describes Pearl as her torture. Pearl вЂ" Live life to the fullest

Chapter 7

vii. Pearl and Hester stand in front of a suit of armor and all that Hester is able to see is the “A”. Then they get a tour of the house and Pearl sees a garden and immediately wants a rose. Pearl вЂ" Kids will be kids

Chapter 8

viii. We find out that Hester is haunted by the “A”. Her daughter has the upper hand in everything, because Hester does not want to upset her. The governor has guest over, including Chill and Hester. Chill вЂ" Time is not the kindliest friend

Chapter 9

ix. Brother Dimmesdale and Chill become really good friends. Dimmsy doesn’t feel too good, and believes it’s because of Gods will. Dimmsy and Chill live together next to a cemetery. Roger is rumored to be a murderer and changing into a scary looking individual. Narrator вЂ" Few secrets can pass by a wise physician.

Chapter 10

x. Roger begins to really focus on Dimmsy. You can keep a secret until you die and if you tell it to God, everything will be fine. Roger leads to the fact that something might be wrong mentally and not physically with Dimmsy. We also start to think that Dimmsy might be the father of Pearl and have Hester’s love. Dimmsy вЂ" Everyone has a secret that they don’t want anyone else to know.

Chapter 11

xi. Chill starts to play mind games with Dimmsy to get revenge. Dimmsy has visions of Hester and Pearl. Chill is sure that Dimmsy is the father of Pearl and begins to target him. Chill вЂ" Some people are going to cheat to get by.

Chapter 12

xii. Dimmsy is scared that people will look for him. He sees an “A” in the sky; marked for him. Also, the head pastor tells Dimmsy that a meteor fell; and it had the shape of an “A”.



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