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Saychianna Book

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~Chapter II~

~The dream that night~

I dreamed that night for a short time, I'm not sure how long, but it didn't feel like a dream at all.

~Chapter III~

~The Moon and its Devilish Red Glare~

As the moon began to come out into view, I stood back upon my feet. I could see a little bit more since it was a full moon, it is glowing an eerie color. It reminded me of the fight that broke out at the palace. It sent a sudden chill of fear strait down my spine. I began to try to remember the way that I came in but it was all a rush altogether. I could not remember a thing. Nothing at all came. Even if I could remember was I come in from it was very dark and I couldn't see at all now. It was obvious to me that I would have to stay there the whole night, but I hadn't any thought of where to stay.

...I'm still bleeding a lot; well not as much as it was. I did not know my way around yet so I just started to stroll along. As a few minuets passed on by I am again on a trail to no ware. There on the other side I could see a small path. I hoped that the path could lead me out of this shadowed forest. ..

So I started running to it. I'm running as fast as I can. It is not like I could do that much right now any way. I don't know if the path leads farther into the shadowy woods, or out of them. Anyway, even if I did manage to escape this wood alive, I don't know who or what is awaiting my arrival to come out of here. Besides, what if there are worse creatures in here. I really don't want to find out. This is defiantly not such a place for me. I do not enjoy sudden attacks on my home and being thrown around like a rag doll. No, that is not I, at all.

So once again I started off into this deep dark abyss, I never knew that the woods would be this dark. I was all riled up now since there was no true way of finding anyway out of this forest without daylight. I now feared that I might never be found again alive. Maybe that would be a good thing at some type of view. I do not want to encounter any more f those monsters. There voice threw a sudden rush of fear right down to your heart. You could not escape that screech of terror in that state.

I began to look at my wounds once again. The minor ones had finally stopped oozing the red blood from within veins. The other puncture I could not ignore though. It was very large and swelling I think it may be infected now. It was in my right arm, I could not move it that well without being in agonizing pain and discomfort. I could not stand it any longer. It finally made me drop to my knees. I now could not withstand this agonizing pain within my arm. It was overwhelming me, I could not move.

... It is too strong now; it's just hurts too much. Way too much, I can't stand this it's not fair! Why me?

As I kneeled down on the ground it started to drip a little bit of blood. It looked like I would dry up before it would stop bleeding. I can't do anything right now. All that I can do is just wrap my arm.

...So I did but it still came out. Drip, drip, drip, it came from my body, seeping through the large and violent laceration. The wound is oozing out so much of my red blood...

The red oozing of the blood got to the point now when it was now begging to make me feel a little light headed. This is probably from the amount of blood that I am loosing. The laceration in my arm did not appear to be getting any better at all. It stung a little bit more, and more each minute that passed on by. I then looked into the laceration in my arm to see what it was like. As I peered into the bloody wound I noticed that there was something in there. I turned my arm a little so that it would not hurt. I then saw something odd. It looked like a claw. Oh, oh yes it was a claw, from the attacker.

...When it slashed at me his claw must have severed into my arm. That is where it lay; it lies in my arm drenched within lots and lots of my red blood...

I looked up too the sky and saw the dark storm clouds looming over head. Rain poured down on the already wet autumn ground. I heard five horses trotting in the slushy mud. The trotting of the horses was nearing me every minute. Twenty hoofs could be heard in the distance, maybe thirty or so. The sounds of the horses became ever so apparent and the forest seemed to stop in complete dead silence. The wind stopped, the chirping music of crickets' silence, and the rain seemed to pour down even harder.

The horses finally entered the forest in which I was hiding. I dove into the bushes and watched the riders trot their horses next to my hiding spot. Atop the horses set five riders. They were dark men, the type that you may dream of in your nightmares. If you looked carefully enough, you could possibly see that these men were the causes of the rain.

One man pulled the reigns of his horse and it came to a sudden halt along side of the other riders. The man looked around the forest to get a better scope of what everything was like. He got off his horse and started walking around the narrow paths. The roads were nothing but mud that had turned into slush and his feet were sinking in as if he was in a pit of quicksand. Then he got back on his horse and began to talk to the other men.

~Demon man: I'm going to have general Suska's head for this! Making me come out here in this god damned rain!

~Other demon: well we can't do anything about it now, we are out here and that's that. Right?

~Demon 1: shut up Geryu!

~Geryu: sorry captain Devla. Just stating my opinion.

Devla made a gesture of approval, but he was very displeased still. He never liked to be argued with, and even if he did, he liked to only win. So he went along with it for now and walked over to his horse.

~Devla: Dead or Alive. We must capture that girl tonight. Do what you must, do what ever it takes to retrieve her. Meet back here in two hours. Ok, now scatter.

The demonic men agreed and then rode off in different directions. I sat up out of the bushes and walked into the muddy road. I started again down the road keeping to the shadows to stay out of sight. I came to an opening in the forest;



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