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Satanism is a blatantly, selfish, brutal religion. There are millions of Satanists worldwide. The occult is on the rise because young people are seeking their identity through what Satanism offers. Anton Szandor LaVey the creator of the Church of Satan believes in attitudes that are ungodly, controversial, unethical, immoral, and perversive as evidenced by the present society.


The content of this paper is intended to relay information about Satanism. A brief history of Satanism, the definition of the different groups of Satanists, and their beliefs, practices, and doctrines will be mentioned.

The earliest Satanist tradition dates to 3200 B.C. with the ancient Egyptian deity Set. He was a God that represented individual consciousness. He was linked to dark forces like thunder and hostility. As temples worshipped other gods, Osiris took over and Set was cast as an evil being. Satan ideas of independence and magic survived and became a tradition in the ancient Greek World. The Hebrews then adopted Satan as an agent for God who they believed was sent to punish sinners. He was later changed to be the antithesis of God. Deities from pagan traditions were incorporated into the image of Satan. Satanic books about witches and their evil activities began satanic panics and resulted in torture and execution of "heretics" (http://www.religious In the 19th century, the Satanists resurfaced in the United States and the United Kingdom. It was believed that Aleister Crowley was the creator, in 1947, with his ideas of paganism and sex magic. He based his rituals on Judeo-Christian principles and was later charged with committing animal sacrifices, experimenting with illegal drugs, and engaging in sexual orgies. The origin of Satanism is said to have begun in 1966, in Walpurgisnacht, by Anton Szandor LaVey. He believed in personal freedom and individualism and founded the Church of Satan ( The Bible contains many references to "the Devil". In the Old Testament the existence of spirit realm was recognized but had no idea of the two kingdoms at war with one another. In the New Testament, he is mentioned as a fallen angel and spirit being. The Devil does everything he can to control people so he can do evil to them and thwart the purposes of God. Sections of Ephesians 6:10-17 say, "Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against

devil's schemes for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." It is also clear that the everlasting battle between evil and good exists as evidenced by tragedy, and suffering in the world. In Revelation 20:10- it is understood that it will take a long time for Satan to be destroyed (

Satanism is defined as a small minority religion. The followers were different groups of people who were Gothic, Religious or Satanic dabblers. The Gothic Satanists were belief to date back to the middle ages to fables about "Witches". Women were believed to worship Satan and submit their lives to him by kidnapping and killing babies. They harmed others using curses and black magic. The Religious Satanists were adults who worshipped a pre-Christian deity Set. They were atheists and agnostics who saw Satan as a symbol of power. The Satanic Dabblers are typically rebellious teenagers who created their own black magic. They performed rituals and were responsible for graffiti on buildings and sacrificing small animals (

While many argue the physical existence of Satan, followers see him as divine, a liberator of mankind and a principal of individuality and of change. The beliefs and practices of Satanism all consist of one main satanic denomination, which in turn, branch out into smaller traditions and solitary practices. According to B.A. Robinson, December 19,2003, The Church of Satan follows the Nine Satanic Statements:

* Indulgence, not abstinence

* Vital existence, not spiritual pipe dreams

* Undefiled wisdom, not hypocritical self-deceit

* Kindness o those deserving of it, not love wasted on ingrates

* Vengeance, not turning the other cheek

* Responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires

* Man as just another animal- the most vicious of all

* Gratification of all ones desires

* The best friend that the Christian Church has had as he has kept it in business for centuries

The Satanists also have nine satanic sins. They are stupidity, pretentiousness, solipsism, self-deceit, herd conformity, lack of perspective, forgetfulness of past orthodoxies, counterproductive pride, and lack of aesthetics (

There is a variety of Satanic Practices and they work strictly in hierarchical systems.

The members move through the levels of initiate to master. Their practices are secretive and the rituals of the higher offices are mainly unknown. Many traditional Satanist groups hold worship services and rituals to their Deities and practice magic. The rituals are sexual, healing, happiness or destruction. Sex magic differs from mystical sexual practices such as Tantra, which was an intense and prolonged orgasm to increase the vital inner power to consecrate and charge sigils, amulets and talismans and heal or strengthen a partner. The ritual of Destruction included sticking pins in a doll, drawing a picture or description of the victim's death or delivering a soliloquy. Rituals were performed in groups to a targeted individual who they felt deserved it (

The Satanic religion has certain doctrines that have to be met by the members of the cult. Just like any other religion, if it's members do not follow these doctrines or rules they are considered unrighteous followers. Doctrines that Satanists have to deal with are sometimes very hard. Devil worshippers don't care how or what they need to do to serve the devil, as long

as their pleasures are



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