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San Francisco

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Are you thinking of moving to a new city and want to move to a safe, fun place for your kids, well the San Francisco is the place for you. There are plenty of public schools and universities. There is also a lot of stuff for you to do in your free time with your kids. San Francisco is really safe city compared to other cities. Housing prices are also pretty reasonable too.

Introduction to San Francisco

People New York San Francisco Chicago United States

Population 8,214,426 776,733 2,833,321 293,655,400

Pop. Density 27031.8 15936.9 12490.1 80

Median Age 35.4 39.2 33.2 37.6

Households 3,085,906 316,015 1,039,449 108,954,329

Male Pop. 47.67% 50.55% 48.69% 48.65%

Female Pop. 52.33% 49.45% 51.31% 51.35%

Married Pop. 48.10% 40.16% 43.10% 58.89%

Single Pop. 51.90% 59.84% 56.90% 41.11%

San Francisco is located in northern California between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. San Francisco is the United States fourth-largest city and the world's largest land-locked harbor. The gold rush of 1849 started San Francisco's development, immigrants from China and the arrival of railroads connecting the city to the eastern part of the United States expanded the growth of the city, making San Francisco the west coast's first cosmopolitan city. San Francisco has one of the nation's largest Asian communities and a significant gay/lesbian community. Along with Oakland, San Jose and other communities in the Bay Area, San Francisco is part of the country's fourth-largest metro area. It has a strong economy, home to thousands of high-tech businesses, primarily in the biotech and silicon industries. Known as Silicon Valley for its prominence in the development of semiconductors and computer-related technology, the area claims the headquarters of industry giants Adobe Systems, Apple, Applied Materials, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, National Semiconductor, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo.


In San Francisco there are over 111 public schools, and over 15 universities, including San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, and California Culinary Academy.

Size/ Population

San Francisco has a population of 776,733 people and a metropolitan population of 7,039,362 people, and a population of 15,608 people per square mile. San Francisco has an area of 46.7 square miles


In San Francisco there are plenty of ways to get around the city. You can get on a bus or a cable car and go anywhere you need to go. In San Francisco the number of people who commute to work by bicycle doubled between 1990 and 2000. If you need to go across the bay you can either drive over the famous Golden Gate Bridge or you could take a ferry. In San Francisco there is also an Emergency Ride Home program that the city runs, and it will give you a ride home for free or for a low cost in case of emergencies like if your kid gets sick while you are at work. In San Francisco there are 35 cab companies.

Sports and Leisure

The Bay area is loaded with pro sport teams. Baseball's San Francisco Giants play at 41,000-seat SBC Park, near the Bay Bridge. The NFL's San Francisco 49ers play south of downtown



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