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Sample Policy for Hiring Employees

Essay by Carl Sabre  •  August 5, 2018  •  Business Plan  •  529 Words (3 Pages)  •  63 Views

Essay Preview: Sample Policy for Hiring Employees

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Hiring Policy

Hiring of employees for the business will be the responsibility of the COO. It is part of his function to ensure that Spacebar’s employee’s requirements are met. Spacebar will need employees that will be qualified and fit enough to accept the responsibility of being an employee of the facility. Thus, the COO should not hire people without undergoing through certain hiring process that can guarantee that the applicant is of right mind, has good record and qualified enough to earn the job. The purpose of hiring policy is to outline the required steps in the recruiting and hiring process for all staff positions in Spacebar. All new employees must be hired in compliance with the required hiring practices as outlined by this policy. This policy addresses requirements for posting/advertising, screening and selection, pre-employment testing, offering employment and recordkeeping.

1. Job Posting - The business hiring process will begin with job vacancy posting. The COO will determine the manpower requirement and staffing needed before he starts into posting of job vacancies. He may post job advertisement on different sites such as,, and

2. Applicant screening - The COO will be the one responsible for screening applicants. He will pre-screen job seekers against advertised basic qualifications and identify the most qualified applicants fit for the position.

3. Applicant Referrals - The COO may also use employee referrals and recommendations. Referrals from colleagues who know someone qualified for the position may be invited to apply for the position. Referred applicants will also undergo hiring process.

4. Interview Process - After collecting the needed documents, the COO will review the files at hand to know if an applicant is qualified for an interview or not. In an effort to ensure consistency and to select the best candidates for open positions, it is recommended to use



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