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Same Sex Marriages

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Same Sex Marriages

Man was created for one purpose; grow up, work, get married, have children and die happily, knowing he has done right. However, now a days this has been classified as "out of style" and that people should be allowed to marry whoever they want to, even if it's a person of the same sex. One state, out of the 50 that make up the U.S., has made same-sex marriages legal, Massachusetts. Other parts of the world like Canada, and the Netherlands also see it legal. I frankly believe this is not right and it should never be legal. There are several reasons why I strongly disagree on gay marriages.

With the exceptions of new technology, humans still reproduce from the mating of a male and a female. This is where we all come from. Our biological parents are not two men or two women, or three people for that matter. We still recognize that our biological parents are usually the ones who raise the children and are primarily responsible for their upbringing. Thus, there is a basis in reality to distinguish heterosexual families with children as being directly part of the process of reproduction and the continuing the human species.

The history of marriage is very simple and we can find it in the Bible. God created a man and a woman, and joined them in holy matrimony. He gave them the order to have children and to fill up the Earth. Notice he did not create two men or two women, it was one man and one woman. Thus marriage was a logical extension of human reproduction and that society organized around the family to survive and for society to survive. It created a recognition of the idea of couples committing for life and raising children together and sharing the struggles of survival. In general, these social rules had more benefits to society and helped our cultures and species survive.

There's not only the religion perspective, there's also the government's. For example, in 2003 President George Bush, tried to declare same-sex marriages unconstitutional and therefore, illegal. However, Congress did not agree with viewing the marriages as unconstitutional, they just haven't made it legal. Ever since then, many gay couples have appealed this in courts, but unsuccessfully. Gay rights activists



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