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Sacred Hoops

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Jaxson Munns

Period: 2nd 

        Plato past life is a broken home with no mother and no father. He is just a kid trying to find people in his life that care about him and people that he can trust and count on to be there for him in his life. When we see his address book we learn that he has been trying to find that one true friend that he can turn to and rely on. Later on in the movie we understand that one true friend that Plato finds is Jim. Jim is his only true friend throughout the movie Judy later becomes Plato’s friend.  Jim was a friend to Plato when no else understood him or gave him a chance.

The mansion that Jim, Plato, Judy go to is dark and abandoned this represents Plato’s past life of broken home and how his family deserted him.  When Plato is lighting the three candles he is bringing three people tighter perfect number for him this was hope for Plato. In the mansion Judy and Jim pretend to be a married couple, mocking the materialism of the modern American family. Plato feels comfortable and safe being surrounded by parental objects so he falls asleep on the rocking chair.

Jim and Judy go explore the mansion and are separating the candle breaking the unification. In the pool fight the only thing that Plato grabs is his jacket and his gun which is his protection.  Plato says “why did you leave me alone” and “you’re not my father” he is saying and sharing his rocky past with his family and father.  Plato then runs into the woods leading himself into the unknown and furthering the chaos.  The mismatched socks to me symbolize Jim and Judy they were Plato’s “parents” since he never had parents or friends.

Plato relentlessly searched for a perfect family which he momentarily found with Jim and Judy but was ended to due to the dangers of having a structure less past repeating itself.  Jim was for a moment Plato’s father he cared for him and tried to save his life. Jim becomes a man and does what any parent or friend would do try to save a loved one’s life.  Judy finds a person that she can love and care about with all her heart something that she has never had. Jim becomes friends with Plato and Jim something that he has never had friends.  Jim and his parents can finally have a family and work and operate as a family.



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