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Russia Culture

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Russian Culture

Russia culture is very different from any other culture that I have ever read about. This is a country that is dominated by males. Males actually run the county of Russia. The men are so dominated that every Russian women dream is to be married and have a family with these men. Russia is known for its poor society. In the book Sakharov he mentions how he moved from one place to another. He first was in Moscow's larger apartments with his family. In this apartment there were six families. With thin the six families they had to share the kitchen and the bathroom. Then he states that he moved into a very old house and in this old house there was a leaking ceiling. With in this house there were still six families that shared everything. (Sakharov 24-25)

In Russia there is a very high divorce rate. The divorce rate is high because of the prostitution and getting married just for religious purposes. My couples get married in Russia at a young age. Getting married at a young age is not a good idea in Russia or nowhere. Because of the prostitution rate in Russia it is bringing the abortion rate also. Just about every woman in Russia has had at least five abortions. The reason why woman get abortions is because they were either messing around with some one else man or they are married and got pregnant and neither of the spouses want the child.

Russia has a high crime rate also. Their crime rate is so high that if you were to go to the store like the grocery store, when you walk in the store u have to lock your things up in a locker and shop. When you got through shopping then you were to pick up your stuff out of your locker. The whole time that you are shopping there are people watching your every move. The reason why the crime rate is so high is because they work hard to get paid a little amount of money. Russia's unemployment rate is very high. There are not enough jobs in Russia for everyone to have a job. For example if you were to get a job at a fast food restaurant, you were only getting paid a little or nothing an hour and that's not even close to minuan wage in America. Because of the unemployment rate in Russia this leads to the large drug cultures. There are many drugs that are being abused in Russia. They have most of all the drugs that we have in the United States. Hereon is a big drug that is being used in Russia. This is a drug that just about everybody does. This drug is shared buy nettles. This is one of the reasons why the aids count is so high in Russian and the count is getting higher and higher.

Russia is overpopulated with drugs and alcohol. Every nine out of ten Russians are alcoholics or use drugs.



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