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Royal Bank Smart Case Study

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The owner of a small business is unhappy with the service she hasbeen receiving from her bank and has decided to move her accountto a rival bank. Her decision on which bank to choose will be basednot only on the estimated annual bank charges which each bankwill levy, but also on the following ‘benefit attributes’:

  1. The proximity of the local branch
  2. Whether the local branch has a small business adviser
  3. The maximum automatic loan allowed
  4. Whether a telephone banking facility is offered

The alternative banks together with their estimatedannual costs and the scores the business owner has allocated foreach of the ‘benefit attributes’ will be given later.


Estimated annual charge ($)












For the business owner, the bank with the closest proximity is the Northern Bank local branch, while the farthest one is Central Bank local branch. The proximity improvement score of moving from Central Bank to Marks Bank is 90. This improvement of moving from Central Bank to Marks Bank is third times better than of moving to Royal Bank. She also state that moving from Direct Bank to Marks Bank is worth 20 improvement score.


Only Direct Bank and Royal Bank that do not have a small business adviser.


Royal Bank has the lowest maximum automatic loan allowed among all the banks she considered. On this maximum automatic loan allowed, the improvement of moving from Royal Bank to Marks Bank is 20 points according to the decision maker. However, the improvement of moving from Royal Bank to Central Bank is twice better of moving to Marks Bank. It’s also twice better to move from Royal Bank to Northern Bank than to move to Central Bank in term of maximum automatic loan allowed. Direct Bank has the highest maximum automatic loan allowed.



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