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On February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois to Nelle and John Reagan. Ronald Reagan attended Eureka College from 1928 until 1932 and was granted a scholarship for needy students that provided for half the tuition and a job so he could pay for his meals. Reagan's first job out of college was at WOC, a radio station in Davenport, Iowa, as a radio announcer. He then became a sports announcer for WHO out of Des Moines. In 1937 Reagan did a screen test for Warner Brothers, and for four years played in so called "B-films." In his acting career Reagan met his first wife, actress Jane Wynam. They had two children, Maureen in 1941 and adopted Michael in 1945.

Ronald Reagan continued to play in movies until he got drafted into the army shortly after the USA got involved in World War II. Reagan's near-sightedness kept him from the front line, so he served at the Air Corps film unit making army morale films. In 1948 Reagan's marriage was having major problems. The reason is uncertain, but is believed to be Wyman's career was flourishing and Reagan was to busy working as president of the Screen Actors Guild which he was elected to in 1947. Jane Wyman divorced Reagan and got custody of both children. In 1952 Reagan remarried to Nancy Davis, who he would spend the rest of his life with. The love that they shared for each other was very public. Reagan was caught many times writing Nancy love letters. Nancy and Ronald had two children, Patricia and Ronald Jr.

Reagan political career started in 1966 when he was elected Governor of California by a margin of a million votes; he was re-elected in 1970. In 1980 Reagan won the Republican Presidential nomination in 1980. His running mate was former Texas Congressman and United Nations Ambassador George Bush. Reagan was voted into office by voters that were not happy with Americans being in Iran for an extended time. Reagan and Bush won 489 electoral votes to Jimmy



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