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Romeo And Juliet

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This is the classic story of two star-crossed lovers and the pure hatetred between their families. The Montague's and the Capulet's two wealthy family's of Verona. Romeo and Juliet fall in love at the Capulet ball instantly but then later in the evening discover that the other are their sworn enemy but cannot smother their love for each other. The next day they are married in secret, although a day that should have been joyous beyond measure in quickly altered to the devastating banishment of Romeo for Tybalt's death. Then in the trend of horrible affairs Juliet is set to Marry Paris, but very distressed by the engagement creates a plan with Friar Lawrence to fake her death. Romeo then does not receive the Friars letter and goes to Juliet and kills himself to be with her in the afterlife. Juliet awakes to see her love died and kills herself, and what started as a love a marriage to brake this feud between these house's ends up being the death of a pair of star-crossed lover.

I like that this version is made modern. Baz Luhrman was very wise to keep the speech the same because that keeps the Shakespeare feel and originality to it. The characters were very solid, he makes them so real that you feel for them more, I think. Baz also expressed Romeo and Juliet's love very well, by that I mean in the film countless times ether Juliet or Romeo said that they would rather die than be without the other, and so a result of that produces a very relative heart ach for they viewers by the end with the out come of Juliet and Romeo's death.



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