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Role of Employee’s Motivation in an Organization

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Essay Preview: Role of Employee’s Motivation in an Organization

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Role of Employee’s Motivation in an Organization


Course facilitator: Ms. Nyla

FALL 2017

Group members:

Wajeeha Sabih

M. Shaji Sherwani

Bilal bin Sajid

Syed Saad Hussain

Fayz Sheikh

Saud Shoaib

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Mariam Naved



BODY        3

Article 1: The Role of Motivation in organizational Behavior        4

ARTICLE 2: Importance of motivation for employees/ Employee Management        4

ARTICLE 3: Understanding Employee Motivation        5

ARTICLE 4: Employee Motivation – A powerful new model        6

ARTICLE 5: Management Practices as leverages of employee performance        6

ARTICLE 7: The Importance of Motivation Factors on Employee Performance        7

ARTICLE 8: To Motivate Employees, Do 3 Things Well        8

ARTICLE 9: 7 Techniques for Increasing Motivation        9

ARTICLE 10: Motivating people starts with having the right attitude        10

ARTICLE 11: Importance of Employee Motivation        11

ARTICLE 12: Motivating Employees Is Not About Carrots or Sticks        11

ARTICLE 13: How corporations motivate their employees – Hrvatski Telekom example        12

MC CREGOR’S Theory X and Theory Y:        13

ADAM’S Equity Theory        14




Motivation of an employee is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a worker brings to his or her job. Whether the economy is growing or shrinking, finding ways to motivate employees is always a management concern. Competing theories suggests either incentives or employee empowerment maybe the required solutions, however there is more to the subject then offering mere material benefits.

A motivated workforce means a highly productive staff, all of which will help you achieve your business goals as – happy employees mean happy customers. The importance of motivation and goal setting in business cannot be overstated. The setting of goals is important to guide the company and employees toward defined objectives. Motivation is important because it is the psychological catalyst employees and owners require reaching the goal.

The purpose of this literature review is to explore and absorb the essence of the thorough work done to stress the importance of motivation in the workplace which would help us narrow down and specifically study the degree of practicality of the theories and practices proposed by various authors.


In a dynamic world with constantly changing trends, having employers in the company who not only care for the employees but also help foster their growth through motivating them are In turn benefitting the organization itself in the long run, for a motivated employee and performance output have been seen to be positively co related.

To explore the effect of the role of employee motivation in an organization, we have conducted a research by studying numerous articles. Their findings are as follows:

Article 1: The Role of Motivation in organizational Behavior

This article discusses several ways of empowering the employees so that they are motivated enough to bring about a better performance for the organization. It specifically points out how in the new era, recreation, fun and other stress related activities are now focused upon.

The article provides some situations looking at certain examples in which employees are more motivated. They mention one where the more the decentralization, the more motivated the employees. Cultures that are more open such as in Google automatically attract employees. Also, the HR managers should be encouraged to not just sit in an office and make policies but interact with their employees who should be able to have an open discussion with their HR managers. Another important aspect highlighted here is that women are more motivated to work in companies that have diverse backgrounds. Lastly, it emphasizes that companies should ‘Do what they say’ if they have to encourage their employees.

This article then highlights another important perspective that salary is not the only factor now motivating employees. With the software and service sector becoming stronger, employees given an incentive to be sent onsite are motivated considerably. Also, a lot of fresh graduates have their own dream companies where a company must make sure that when the employee comes to them, they live up to the hype or else the employee might lose motivation and leave.

The best approach is to probably let the employees find their own place within the organization instead of forcing them.

 ("The Role of Motivation in Organizational Behavior", 2017)

ARTICLE 2: Importance of motivation for employees/ Employee Management

Motivation is mainly the willingness to do work therefore it has to come from the inside.

This article highlights some features of motivation. It shows that motivation is a psychological phenomenon and cannot be forced onto anyone. It directs people to behave in a manner that they can achieve their goal. Positive motivators such as promotion and negative motivators such as warnings are used in different situations. Motivation is an ongoing thing since human needs keep changing.

As the title suggests the article talks about the importance or the effects of motivation. For a motivated employee, the attitude becomes positive and he is willing to put in his maximum effort. They then utilize the given resources in the best possible manner. Also, a motivated employee tries to achieve the goal of the organization since he/she knows that their personal achievement also lies within. Subordinates who are respected and have needs that have been satisfied are in turn more helpful towards their seniors which create a supportive environment. Lastly, high motivation reduces turnover.



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