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Robin Ash and Printzhof Press – Case Analysis

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Essay Preview: Robin Ash and Printzhof Press – Case Analysis

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Robin Ash and Printzhof Press – Case Analysis

Printzhof Press was facing some challenges due to market changes and their inability to adapt on the changes. Robin Ash was brought to lead Printzhof, as a COO first, in creating a sense of urgency then making then necessary changes without damaging employee morale and loyalty as well as the company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Question 1:

The Printzhof’s history and organization culture still had strong influence within the company, since the company had been established for a long time and there were still perceptions that Printzhof was still doing great as Davidson said “We’ve got a 163-year track record of success, so, as I see it, since nothing’s broken; there’s no need to fix anything”. It would not be easy for Robin to revitalize the business, since she was not part of Printzhof family and was not at the top position too. Robin needed to be smart and careful in leading changes without creating disengaged culture at the same time. Printzhof’s current culture had been slow to response on changing markets and new technologies since there were beliefs that they could continue leading the market without adapting to market changes continuously and quickly, which could lead to an unsustainable business.

Question 2:

Robin faced dilemmas which she needed to focus in implementing her necessary changes, but the changes might introduce treats to employees, especially since key people, who still had significant influence and resisted on business transformations, were in the areas of her priorities. If I was in her shoes as a COO, I would feel challenged in fixing a company without breaking it while I was not at the top position. I needed to have solid plans to convince and get full supports from EEH executives as well as Kross and Nygren that business



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