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Rip Van Winkle

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When Rip Van Winkle left his town on that lazy summer day, he left, what was at the time, a peaceful and relaxing town. Once he came back to that town in what seemed to be one day, but ended up being twenty years later, it had changed dramatically. The town was dominated by a feel of tension and seriousness that was a result of the American Revolution.

Our story begins by the scenic Catskill Mountains in a small peaceful village. This town had a neighborly feel to it, and many examples of this were given by Rip in the story. Whenever he would walk through the streets, the children would follow him and look up to him. On quiet summer days the people in the town would meet and exchange village gossip, tell endless sleepy stories, and have profound discussions on the contents of an old newspaper that was found and read to the people. The villagers of this town had a special relationship with one another that they could do favors for each other and cared about each other. The town possessed a distinct laid-back tranquility that would not last throughout the entire story.

After Van Winkle returned from the mountains 20 years later, the town had changed completely. It had become much larger and much more populated. The town's environment had grown less friendly and became more businesslike. Rip observed the bustling and seriousness that he was acquainted with while walking the town. There was a man giving a speech and handing out literature about post-revolutionary war topics such as citizen's rights and voting in the upcoming election.

The American Revolution had a similar effect on America as a nation, as well as this town. The days of relaxing and loyal America were gone. It was a time in which the war and the influx of revolutionary ideas changed America into a place that was very involved with national agenda and very passionate about their development as a nation.

In conclusion, the peaceful town that Rip left changed completely



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