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Rich Dad Poor Dad / A Lesson Before Dying

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Essay Preview: Rich Dad Poor Dad / A Lesson Before Dying

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In the book, A Lesson Before Dying, not being able to show potential because of the white peoples prejuduce towards blacks, was showed in Jefferson. Everyone thinks of him as a hog instead of a man, and this is all because of his color that has to do with discrimination. Jefferson was called a hog because he was on trial for a murder he did not commit. He was put on trial for this murder for a lot

of reasons, and one reason is his color. He was called a hog because he had no smartness. If Jefferson was able to go to school, mabye whites wouldnt have called him a hog. As Grant tries to make Jefferson a man, that will show the potential he has, which will also reflect on the rest of the community. Beating the white people at what they think they are so great next to blacks, it shows how equal the two colors are. Our world is very unique, but we all are the same no matter what color each of us are. This relates to Helen Kellers quote because black people had the suffering of not being able to show what they can do. Jefferson had to be put in jail becaus eof his color on his skin and because of the color on his skin he had no chance to say or do what any man can do. Discrimination is the suffering point in this book. To overcome it, you have to be strong and believing, just as Grant does. Grant went to school and teaches at a University which makes him feel better then what people make of him, and that is the overcoming of his suffering.

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In A Lesson Before Dying, Grant Wiggins\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' life crises were the center

of the story. Although he was supposed to make Jefferson into a man, he

himself became one as a result. Not to say that Jefferson was

not transformed from the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"hog\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" into an actual man, but this story was really written about Grant. Grant improved as a person greatly in this book, and that helped his relationships with other people. At the start of the book, he hated Jefferson, but after a while he became his friend and probably the only person Jefferson felt he could trust. The turning point in their relationship was the one visit that Jefferson told Grant that he wanted a gallon of ice cream, and that he

never had enough ice cream in his whole life. At that point Jefferson

tursted something in Grant, something that Jefferson doesn't

do at all in this book. This all relates to the quote because, Jefferson had a suffering in life that he couldnt overcome until

Grant came along. Grant was the one that Jefferson put his trust in, and Jefferson never trusted anyone! That was the overcoming of the suffering for Jefferson. As for Grant, his overcoming of the suffer of not feeling like a man turned around. As Grant helped Jefferson become a man, he became one himself aswell.

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In the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert, a young kid, has to figure out which "dad" he will listen to for career advice: his own father or his friend's. His father wants him to go to college so he can have a safe, reliable job after graduation. His friend Mike's father, on the other hand, believes



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