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Reviewing Someone' Else Work

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Essay Preview: Reviewing Someone' Else Work

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My first thought was to rewrite her paper, so I begin to rewrite her first paragraph only to remember how some people plucks my nerves because they don't like my writing style, and so they want to rewrite what I have written.

Secondly, I can relate to how Ima is writing only because I write the same way. I start off by brain storming for some ideas, and I try to research the subject to get ideas as to what I want to put in my paper. Some of the ideals are written the way I've spoken them, mispronounced words and misspell words and some don't have complete sentences either.. Writing to me is an Art, I am not the best at it but with time I can do it. It's just another form of communication, a way of expressing myself.

Thirdly, it's important to have good sentence structure and four or five details for each point. Reread out loud each sentence you have written. . I write my introduction and summary last and finally I re-read each sentence in reverse order sentence order. I do enlist the help of my kids to read what I have written out loud. And I ask my sister and girl friends there opinion as well.

In other words, the essay must be well structured and organized and presented in a way that the reader finds easy to follow and clear: it must look tidy and not present any obstacles to the reader. It must have a clear readable interesting style. But, above all, it must consist of your ideas. This is the centre of it. Not quotes from critics, not generalizations, about someone writing.



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