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As a psychology major and someone who excels in leadership and working with children, I feel that a mental health counselor is the perfect job for me. As a student I am only available part-time and being currently employed, can only work week days. The wage I desire is at least $9.25 an hour because I am saving up for a four year college. It is my personal dream to become a clinical psychologist and this I feel is the perfect stepping stone to achieve my goal.

Career Highlights

Currently, I am employed at the Danvers Market Basket bakery and have been working there for almost three years. Although this job does not entail mental health work, my seniority has caused me to have a very important leadership role. I am in charge of closing the stores bakery, which includes a number of duties such as baking, cleaning, and helping all customers. As a person with much experience I am also responsible for training all new employees that arrive. My favorite part of being a bakery clerk is working with the children that come in. At first they come to eat a free cookie, but once they see the bakery they become very enthused. I have given a number of children a tour of our bakery or let them watch excitedly as I write on their birthday cake.


I am a freshman at North Shore Community College in Danvers. I have taken both psychology and human services classes. I am part of the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society and currently hold a GPA of 3.9. It is very important for me to keep my grades up because I hope to get a scholarship to a four year college and then within two years ultimately obtain my masters degree in psychology.


Growing up I always worked well with children, playing with them and taking care of them. I have volunteered at



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